any surgical procedure used to repair a retinal detachment.

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  • retinopexy — A procedure to repair a detached retina by holding it in place; e.g., by producing chorioretinal adhesions by freezing (“retinal cryopexy”). [retino + G. pexis, fixation] fluid r. a procedure to repair a detached retina by holding it in place… …   Medical dictionary

  • pneumatic retinopexy — a treatment for retinal detachment involving injection of gas into the posterior vitreous cavity in such a way that the gas bubble presses against the area of torn retina, forcing it back into place …   Medical dictionary

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  • Ретин- (Retin-), Ретино (Retino-) — приставка, обозначающая сетчатку глаза. Например: ретинопексия (retinopexy) закрепление места разрыва сетчатки при лечении отслойки сетчатки. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

  • retin- — See retino . * * * (retino ) prefix denoting the retina. Example: retinopexy (fixation of a detached retina) …   Medical dictionary

  • retinopiesis — Repositioning a detached retina by pressing it into position by gas or fluid. See retinopexy. [retino + G. piesis, pressure] …   Medical dictionary

  • retinopexia — Eng. Retinopexy Adherencia entre el epitelio pigmentario retiniano y la neurorretina a nivel del desgarro mediante la producción de una coriorretinitis cicatrial mediante diatermocoagulación, fotocoagulación con láser o criocoagulación… …   Diccionario de oftalmología

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